Research & Development
  • R & D objective's
    to develop hybrid & selected varieties with
    High yielding potentiality.
    Resistant & tolerant to biotic & abiotic stress.
    Like & dislike of end users.

History R N D

R N D is a young company in its present form. We started our business from 2008 and established a strong reputation in Seeds Business. In 2008 we started our business with few Vegetables seeds and then growing with wide range of categories like vegetables, Cereals, Pulses, Oil crops, Spices and Forage etc.

Our Vision & Mission

" We believe in Research & Development. " Our Company thinking like a grower. We are helping growers by developing resistance, tolerance to pest, and drought conditions high yielding varieties in each crops, we maintain a clear focus on bringing strong new products to market by using the technical, Well-experienced management team and R & D - Staff. Our technical management team shape the strategy for each crop and deep understand the growers need.

We also provide other facilities like seed production, storage, Processing, Labelling and Packing.


# Name Designation & Degree Contact No.
1 R.N Suthar Chairman (B.Sc Agri) 9426338113
2 Dilip Patel M.D (M.Sc Agri) 9428061027
3 Ashok Patel Director (Research) 9426523100
4 C.I Patel Director (HRA) 9428194301